B. David Stevens | My Lane… Part 2
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My Lane… Part 2

If you read the previous blog, we began to talk about differences in doctrinal belief across denominations in Christianity.

Environments are powerful things!! Many of us have gained our belief systems or philosophies about how to live life from the environments we were raised in. Depending on what you were exposed to, you tend to see the world from those perspectives. If I was raised in Africa, I will see the world from a certain point of view. If I was raised in Beverly Hills, CA, my view of the world and how I should operate in life will be vastly different from the child in the bushes of Africa.

The same happens when people are born again. The way you think about God, the Bible, and the world has a lot to do with the church or discipleship environment you were raised in. Some may have been groomed to think that we don’t choose anything, but God chooses everything for us, good and bad, because He is sovereign and has everything in control. On the other extreme, some have been nurtured to think that the believer chooses everything and makes his own path with God’s assistance: you choose to live or die. In tandem with these thoughts are our beliefs about God’s Word. Our environments greatly influence how we see and read God’s word. Using our example above, each individual will also tend to examine, see ,read, and study God’s Word with “those” perspectives. Given our previous experiment with the pastors of all of the different backgrounds mentioned in  “My Lane… Part 1”, we could take that group and give them a certain passage of scripture regarding the Holy Spirit’s role in the earth and each one of them would give us a somewhat logical, scriptural, even historical in some cases, explanation of why their view is the correct one. In fact, it would be pretty tough to convince them otherwise because that’s the way they have experienced their beliefs as well. They’ve seen God do wonderful things as they’ve travelled their routes and it helps to support their belief that their way is the right way!! No one can dispute those experiences, because those are personal beliefs that this individual holds and has endured. On top of that, it seems to have worked in other people’s lives similarly. How are we to dispute these perspectives, experiences, ideas?

Small disclaimer… Sin is sin, no matter how you cut it, slice it, dice it, dress it up, flip it, rub it, bake it, eat it, cook it, etc. The discussion of sin is another blog entirely. That’s not what’s being discussed.

Back to the blog…

Understanding everything that I have discussed, the question again is, “What or Who is right?” My answer to this is ALL OF THEM. I say this because each person has different experiences and circumstances that have led them to faith in Christ. The environments that they learned in were ordained by God for that season in their lives so that they could get to know Him personally. Whether we agree with it or not is irrelevant. Our main prayers should be that each individual finds “personal” relationship with Christ. It is only when an individual gains a personal walk that is not primarily driven by their circumstances, experiences, or environments that clarity about how they should continue to live will result.

It’s not time to talk about people who just aimlessly follow things because they are ignorant, gullible, and blind to basic truth… that’s another blog as well.

But I do want to talk about some serious issues I have with denom thinking. Yes, yes. I said ALL OF THEM but I’m not saying that I agree with EVERYTHING!! Would you like to know what else I really think about all of this?

Stay tuned for PART 3!!


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