B. David Stevens | Jesus, the MISFIT
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Jesus, the MISFIT



There are a lot of Misfits in the church world today. Tattoos, earrings, gauges, baggy pants, weird haircuts, skinny jeans, organic worship and quirky methods don’t garner much respect in the traditional Christian community and are often repelled. But neither does revolutionary thinking and innovative passion. The ideals, wants, needs and desires of the current generation are very different from our grandmothers’ time. There seems to be a struggle between discovering identity and still being a Christ-follower rather than assuming the norm and conforming to the ideals of church society. It’s not that these Christians don’t like to be around church people or the church itself. Rather, the institutionalized church has presented philosophical differences that seem to contradict what Christ intended in the first place. What’s most important to some is irrelevant to others. The minority is challenging what the majority tries to justify scripturally. Who’s right and who’s wrong? It’s a tough dilemma that we’ve gotten ourselves into. However, one truth still remains: Jesus Christ is Lord and He desires to use each one of us to reach the world for Him. He teaches us that there should be no difference between our secular and sacred lives because all of life belongs to Him. Thinking about God this way seems odd because we are not naturally trained to do so. And those who live this way seem to be MISFITS.

Jesus was the original MISFIT. I mean, Jesus was a renegade y’all. He was disruptive and revolutionary. The religious leaders of the day had no clue in how to deal with him. I think if Jesus was living today, he would look just like me. Braided beard, earrings, tattoos, skinny jeans, bald head, and all. I think he would blow out of the water our perception of what people of God should look like. Do you know why? Because for the New Testament believer, it’s never been about how you look on the outside. It’s always been about how you live for God everyday and how you treat others.

Let me tell you something. It’s alright to be a MISFIT! Don’t let anyone discourage you.

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