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TRANSITION: movement, passage, or change from one position, state, stage, subject, concept, etc., to another; change.

If you’ve ever taken the DISC personality test, you’ll find that you have a dominant personality trait and usually an accompanying trait that basically rounds out how you think about things. Here is what each letter stands for:

D- Dominance, I- Influence, S- Steadiness, C- Contientiousness

I discovered that I was an SC which means I am very “steady and detailed”. In other words, I don’t like to change too much and I like things to flow a certain way. However, there comes a time or times in your life when change is necessary and can be the most important thing that you can do.

A good friend and mentor of mine, Babbie Mason, gave me an example of this that I will never forget. She compared us (humans) to trees or plants. In order for trees to flourish and become strong they must stay planted in the same area that they were planted. If they are uprooted, it has to be done with care and meticulously because they could lose strength, stay their growth, or even die. If this is done correctly and they are planted in a better environment more suitable for growth, they will continue to flourish and excel.

I have kept this in mind as I move forward with my life. It’s important that your transitions are seriously considered. Sometimes taking a risk and continuing to shift pays off, but oftentimes, we are delayed and even regressed because we don’t think before we act.

It’s vital that we embrace change, but change for the sake of change is not necessary.



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