| Will the real Worship Leader please stand up?!
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Will the real Worship Leader please stand up?!

You guys already know that I love worship, worship teams, singing and writing awesome songs, etc.

I have a confession to make. There have been times when I was hired to be a “worship leader” that I thought I was THE “worship leader”. Let me explain. When I was hired to lead the team, I’ve felt that I was the one who truly knew what was best for the team. I’ve felt like the way I ran my team was up to what I thought, envisioned, taught, etc. My song selections were the “best” because I was the worship leader. My idea of how to lead the congregation was paramount because I was the authority on worship!

I failed to remember that the real “worship leader”, the one who would ultimately be held accountable for the people they were leading, was the overseer (pastor, minister, one appointed to lead).

Worship leader, you don’t have the right to choose what you want to choose. You don’t have the final say on how your team is to be ran. You can’t do what you want to when you are on that stage. No. You fall under the authority of the real worship leader, the overseer. Worship leader (#2), if you do not know the vision of Worship leader (#1), stop singing until you do. #2, if you have not collaborated with #1 about the music selections, shame on you. #2, if you are building your own kingdom within a kingdom, you are being used by the enemy.

Just because your pastor can’t sing or isn’t musically inclined, doesn’t mean he can’t understand worship. Or have you forgotten?! Worship primarily has to do with living our lives to the glory of God. Not who sings or plays the best.

Just my two cents…

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