| Worship and Politics
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Worship and Politics

So….. We are in a charged political season and many of us are now starting to draw our own conclusions and solidify who we are supporting as candidates. I actually like and don’t like the political season for several reasons. I like the excitement it brings, the different views, the charged atmospheres, etc. But sometimes I don’t like what it brings out of me personally. Talking about politics and differences of opinion can sometimes feel personal to me and the ugly side can surface. I see it in many other Christians as well. We can attack others and belittle opinions as if ours are always right. You know what I mean?!

Before I get into a heated conversation or respond to a post/comment, I wonder if I prayed and focused on God first how different my response might be. I wonder if I chose to worship first instead of open my mouth (or rather start typing), how seasoned with grace my response can be.

I hope you join me in this political season in remembering to worship first before you respond.

My two cents….

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