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Right Before I Posted…

“When spontaneous demoralizing thoughts seep into your conscience, don’t trip…allowing them to fester. These are random tests of your conviction and determination. Large or small, your reaction to such intrusions is a defining moment for which no one else, but you, can mitigate.” -T.F. Hodge

“Successfully functioning in a society with diverse values, traditions and lifestyles requires us to have a relationship to our own reactions rather than be captive of them.” -Roberts Kegan

So, as I was reading through Facebook, somewhere around Memorial Day, I saw an article about President Obama laying a wreath at Arlington Cemetery. You should have seen all of the negative and derogatory comments people typed because he was doing his duty as a President. The hate displayed was amazing to me. I decided to dive even further on a couple of their pages and most of them were people who called themselves Bible believing Christians! It really bothered me folks!!!

Now, just for clarity. I don’t believe in all of the choices of the Obama Administration, some of the beliefs, etc. Let me be clear. However, I don’t care who the person is, as a Bible believing Christian, I could never bring myself to hate someone and spew that hate on other people without regard.

Back to the Facebook post… For one of the post that was very hateful, I began to write an eloquent Christian rebuke full of scriptures, quotes, and punch lines. But then, I was super conviction. I mean, I felt like God was speaking audibly to me. “Don’t post it! If you post it, how is it going to really help? You’ll just get angrier if she responds to you negatively. You need to pray!” So that’s what I did. I prayed for this lady. In fact, I prayed for all kinds of people with hate in their hearts.

I love the two quotes above. Don’t you?! They reminded me that I need to think before I spoke (posted). I need to manage myself and teach others to do the same. I need to pray and ask God to change my heart so that His grace, mercy, and love can be seen in all that I do.

I need to pray before I spew my opinions on the world.


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