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Interview Worship

If your church or non-profit desires to create experiences that cultivate encounters with God, B.DAVID STEVENS CONSULTING is here for you. We believe that we work best with those who value authenticity, quality, creativity, and diversity. Our goal is to help you reach as many people as possible for Jesus.


What can B.David Stevens Consulting offer your organization?


  • Worship Department Reorganization
    • We are here to help you organize and structure your worship departments.
  • Create a diverse, energetic, and current presentation of worship.
    • We specialize in not only diversifying the stage, but also intentionally reviewing content, introducing new styles, and seeing how these can work together seamlessly without alienating the core audience.
  • Worship Leader Development
    • We are here to help you find or develop the best worship leaders for your environment.
  • Band/Singer Development
    • We understand your need for strong band and vocal teams and we assist you with finding great players as well as help you coach vocalists.
  • Stage Performance Coaching
    • We work with your team to make sure that they display a top-notch stage presentation.


Special Items for Churches and Non-Profits


  • Worship Leading
    • B.David Stevens is a dynamic worship leader and would love to serve your church in this way. Get ready for a diverse, energetic, and engaging time of worship!
  • Conference Worship Organizer
    • B.David is here to assist you with transforming the worship experience at your conference.


Consulting in many cases is similar to having a full-time worship leader or creative leader on staff. Contact B.David to get an estimate of what it would take to have him come to your ministry on any of these platforms:, T: @bdavidstevens, IG: @bdavidstevens.