B. David Stevens | Services
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B.David has led worship and performed nationally and internationally for the past 20 years. He has a gift of engaging the audience providing an opportunity for them to not only experience God in different ways but also provoking them to good works. Inspiring people has always been B.David’s motivation. On stage B.David pours out his heart not just with his voice but also his body producing a heart-felt, spiritual, exciting, and dynamic experience that you will never forget. To book B.David please go to the contact page and express your interests.



Worship ministry is ever changing and developing. B.David has worked in music ministry for 20 years and has served as a leader or Worship Pastor for many of those years in several churches. Working in and developing these worship ministries has allowed for B.David to acquire a wealth of knowledge pertaining to music (vocals and band), media and service programming. B.David specializes in music and gives significant leadership in the area of media and service programming. He offers extensive teaching pertaining to worship and practical application so that worship teams can function more efficiently and with excellence. He is available for workshops, seminars, and conferences. To bring B.David to your church or conference and to get an example of specific items he offers, please go to the contact page and express your interests.


 Songwriter and Producer

Besides singing, B.David has an avid love for songwriting and producing. He has written tens of songs that have landed on several nationally distributed albums. One of B.David’s greatest accomplishments was landing a song on gospel artist CeCe Winans Throne Room album called “Come Fill My Heart”. This song appointment validated B.David’s skills as a writer/producer and allowed for him to write for other albums. B.David has a personal constitution to write music that is God-honoring or music that he believes God would support. This has opened the door for B.David to write not only gospel music but also inspirational, soul, and love music. B.David is a Writer and Publisher (Smoothmelodies Publishing) Member of ASCAP. He is also a Voting Member of the Grammy Association because of his songwriting and vocal credits on nationally distributed albums. If you would like B.David to write/produce or co-write with you, please go to the contact page and express your interests.



Ministering from the stage in song is the most natural flow for B.David. However, speaking about worship is also a great love of his. B.David is an ordained minister and has a Master of Arts in Religion with a concentration in Worship Studies from Liberty Baptist and Theological Seminary so his love for God’s Word and teaching about worship is evident. B.David’s heart is that people would understand that there should be no difference between their secular and sacred lives. He is known for his personal stories and relatable banter. If you would like to have B.David speak at your church or conference, please go to the contact page and express your interests.